Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1. All buyers must sign up and register on our website, to be an actual bidder in the web auction.
    To become a registered bidder, you will need to enter the following information on the sign up/registration page:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • E-Mail Address
    • Nickname

  2. After this registration process is completed you will automically be sent a computer generated "Password", directly from our server. This password along with the Nickname that you chose, will allow you to bid on all items for sale in the web auction.
    *Please note : Each bidder is only allowed one account. You may not register twice. You may change your Nickname as often as you like, but you may not have more than one Nickname at a time. If you have forgotten your password, you can have it resent to you.


    Each item sold will be assessed an additional 10% buyers fee unless it is in the Real Estate section. Items sold from the Real Estate section will be assessed an additional 2% buyers fee. There is also 6.25% sales tax unless you are a registered dealer, and you have given us your dealer tax-ID in the registration form.
    Upon your first purchase, you will have to sign a "one time only" Tax Exempt form, for us to keep on file.
    *Please remember that your declared price does not include any buyer fees or tax.


  3. The bidding increments are as follows :
    • Between $1-$19, bids increase by $1
    • Between $20-$50, bids increase $2
    • Between $50-$100, bids increase by $5
    • Between $100-$500, bids increase by $10
    • Between $500-$1,000 bids increase by $50
    • Between $1,000-$5,000 bids increase by $100
    • Between $5,000-$10,000 bids increase by $250
    • Between $10,000-$30,000 bids increase by $500
    • Between $30,000+ bids increase by $750 
  4. Any and all legitimate bids are accepted.


  5. Confidential "proxy" bidding is available for those without Internet access. This bidding will be displayed as "proxy" in the bidder column of the listing.*PENDING*


  6. Keeping true to the auction format of "sold to the highest bidder"...at the close of each sale, items that have been bid on within the last 15 minutes, will remain open for bidding in 15 minute intervals, until there has been no bids within that time frame.


  7. Arrangements for payment, pick-up, delivery, or shipment, must be completed within one week from the end of the auction, during our scheduled hours of operation.
    Location :
    Complete Estate Sales & Auctions
  8. 116 W. Railroad Avenue
    Gibsonville NC
    (336) 494-8484

    Hours of Operation :
    Monday - Wednesday Call to schedule.
    Thursday 12-5 p.m.
    Friday Call to schedule
    Saturday Call to schedule
    (Or by appointment)


  9. Buyer agrees to pay all shipping and handling costs if they apply, as well as any delivery charges, if applicable. There will be a minimum $5.00 handling fee on top of postage for all items being shipped. All small shipments sent via UPS and any large shipments sent via a National moving company.


  10. We accept payment by cash, money order, charge (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), PayPal *PENDING 


  11. You are legally responsible for payment of any items won at auction with us. The buyer has 7 days to pay for purchases with an additional 7 day “grace period” for payment due, after which there will be a $20.00 delinquent handling charge placed on any one (1) item not paid.
    If any item is not paid for and or picked up within 14 days it will be resold.
  12. Items that are paid for within the required time but left at the auction hall will be given 14 days of free storage. However, if any one (1) paid item is not picked up within the 14 day period, then the delinquent handling charge, as well as the storage fees will go into effect at that time.
    Any account holder with a delinquency charge will not be allowed to bid on any new items. A $10.00 reinstatement fee is required, should any delinquent customer desire to become a registered bidder again (with the approval of the Auctioneer). No refunds will be given!
    Please note : You can avoid any delinquency fees for non-payment by registering your credit card with us.
    Buyers are legally responsible for payment of any items won at auction with us. if payment is not made, this will in turn forfeit all of your bidding rights to any of the upcoming sales, and possibly invoke legal action.


  13. The Auctioneer relinquishes all responsibilities for the safeguard of any items after the pick-up deadline.


  14. All items are sold as is. All sales are final. Each buyer is responsible to inspect all items. NO returns are allowed!


  15. Your bids represent a confirmation of your acceptance of these terms and a contractual agreement to purchase all lots sold to your bidder user ID/Nickname.




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Terms and conditions